Care and protection of interests of employees are an integral part of corporate policy of any company. Our team is our second family and through care and respect to each other we are becoming stronger and together we are better. The social program of ALVIGO Group is one of key focus areas of the administration.

Social policy

  • constant technical update of necessary equipment and licenses programs for work;li>
  • introduction of new equipment and advanced technologies;
  • management of enterprises on the basis of a quality management system, conforming to the international standard ISO:9001:2008;
  • the use of material and moral incentives for personnel , with the aim of increasing labor productivity;
  • implementation of organizational, economic, engineering, technical and preventive activities to identify and neutralize the threat to the economic security of the enterprise;
  • training and professional development of employees of enterprises;
  • providing material support to employees in situations which significantly affect the financial standing;
  • presence of labor union organizations;
  • remuneration of employees in connection with the 50-60-70th anniversary;
  • remuneration of employees in connection with retirement;
  • purchase of New Year’s gifts and organization of cultural events for employees’ children;
  • organization of recreation, sports and cultural events;
  • provision of decent working conditions and career ladder promotions;
  • full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Estonia.
  • congratulations on the birthday and professional holidays of former employees of companies who retired;

Our employees feel secured working in the stable team. More than 600 employees work in offices of ALVIGO Group of Companies equipped with all necessary facilities for their effective and comfortable work.

Corporate liability

We accept our responsibility for modern society and the society of the future.


Safe production that meets the highest standards.


Technical progress as a decisive means of increasing production efficiency.


Technological solutions with minimal environmental impact.