Construction Monitoring ensures the quality of design and construction and assembly works, as well as improves reliability, durability and safety of the designed objects and facilities. Construction Monitoring is performed during the construction of objects and includes:

  • designer supervision is carried out by the author of the project to ensure compliance with the decisions contained in the detail design documentation;
  • technical support – recommendations for the use of new materials in projects and on the construction stage, design and technological solutions, performing complex calculations, mathematical and physical modeling and monitoring the quality of works;
  • construction monitoring is performed at Client’s request to control the work cost so as not to go beyond the design estimate, control the quality of executed works and applied materials, check compliance of estimated with actual quantities of works and construction materials and control the balance of unused materials, check all required documentation to be kept properly and maintain constant liaison with subcontractor to protect Client’s interests.

Design and Construction

Complex design of both separate units and entire plants.

Basic Engineering

Customer receives the data and comprehensive information about basic technology.

Basic Design Adaptation

Experience of foreign and local licensers basic design adaptation.

Design and Detailed Design Documentation

Documentation is developed in accordance with the requirements of standards.

Development of Non-Standard Equipment

Development of highly efficient non-standard equipment.

Complex Design of Process

We offer our Customers the services of complex design of process plants.

Construction Monitoring

Quality assurance of design and construction works.

Erection Supervision

We performs the erection supervision works.