To conduct the operations for cleaning of process equipment ALVIGO Group of Companies has developed and constructed unique mobile production complexes (MPC), which have no analogues. These complexes are located on trucks chassis and equipped with kit of equipment, required for works performance at Customer site, including compressor, pump equipment, portable basins for chemical solutions, mixers, industrial vacuum cleaner, high pressure vessel, filtration unit and so on. For the time being ALVIGO has five such MPC, that allow flexible and immediate respond to Customer inquiries.

ALVIGO Group of Companies uses complex IT-solutions based on equipment of our partners Dell Inc. Host-based solutions (Dell Power Egde), workstations, certified by third party software vendors (Dell OptiPlex), storage devices (Dell PowerVault), printing solutions (RICOH) and network based solutions (CISCO) in conjunction with pattern ITIL allows reaching increasing or effectiveness and quality of operational activity of ALVIGO Group of Companies with the help of full conformity of IT-infrastructure possibilities with requirements of operational activity. Effective, modern and reliable IT-infrastructure of ALVIGO Group of Companies meets the following main requirements:

  1. Correspondence of the used technical solutions to scope of business tasks, goals and strategies for ALVIGO Group of Companies;
  2. Providing of required IT-infrastructure to decide the current and perspective tasks of project manufacturing control;
  3. Unifying and type checking of IT-infrastructure elements for reduction of total cost of ownership (Т.С.О.);
  4. Partitioning of IT-infrastructure to Data Processing Center (DPC) of different level to increase reliability, fault-free and safety of used solutions;
  5. Conformance to International and Russian Standards in the field of IT technologies, as well as best world practices of IT-infrastructure during construction.