ALVIGO Group of Companies provides a wide range of services in designing, 3D modeling and development of design documentation for non-standardized and non-typical chemical industry equipment. Our professional team offers comprehensive solutions and many years’ experience allows coping with any challenges in the field of equipment designing, as well as offering competitive terms to our Customers


We offer services related to project bundling.

Equipment for Acetylene Plant

We offer burners for the production of acetylene.

Equipment for Ammonia Plant

Development and supply of technological equipment AM-70, AM-76, AM-80.

Equipment for Ammonia Nitrate Plant

Development and supply of technological equipment АS-67, АS-72, АS-72М.

Equipment for Methanol Plant

Development and supply of a reactor, burner for a shaft reactor and coils.

Equipment for Acetic Acid

Development and supply of reactor and distillation equipment.

GTU-8 for Nitric Acid Production Plants UKL-7

The GTU-8 installation is installed on UKL-7 units.

Equipment on Customer’s Request

Search and delivery of equipment on request.