For ammonia plants АM-70, АМ-76 и АМ -80 ALVIGO Group suggests development and supply of full set of advanced process equipment in accordance with current normative documents for manufacturing and operating with higher capacity. Also for process units we offer the separate vessels and apparatus, made by ТЕС (Japan), Kellogg (USA) and CHEMICO (USA).

Structural and material design of equipment of all units is accepted according to the corresponding design parameters of the processes carried out in it in accordance with pressures, temperatures, and aggressiveness of the circulating media. In accordance with the requirements of the standards, depending on the parameters and operating conditions of the equipment, heat-resistant alloys, high alloy corrosion-resistant steels, chromium-molybdenum, alloy or low-alloy materials meeting these requirements are used for its production. In necessary cases, additional lining of the metal with heat-resistant concrete is provided.

One of the latest developments is the methane converter with new construction of burner-mixer for ammonia plant, which is offered to supply. The installed mixer is characterized by:

  • lower hydraulic resistance;
  • providing shortened flame and more uniform temperature field distribution, as a result of improved mixing;
  • reducing the thermal and aerodynamic influence of stream for facing beds of catalyst and covering materials;
  • increasing the conversion rate and catalyst life; it provides the stable condition of flame burning;
  • providing the required gas mixing before catalyst bed entering, due to absence of counterflow of hot gas towards the parts of burner, flame centre of which is located along the central axis, which leads to the active circulation in the combustion chamber area.

The current development in the field of heat exchanging equipment is the improved HP heat exchanges of synthesis section: feed water heaters, liquid ammonia evaporators, built-in heat exchangers of synthesis columns and waste heat boilers of steam reforming process, manufactured by current norms and standards. This equipment is proposed for supply. It is possible to manufacture any other improved equipment or change the existing equipment of ammonia plants for similar one on individual project.

The experience of ALVIGO Group specialists makes it possible to provide the entire complex of process and engineering, organizational and managerial services for manufacturing of high-tech equipment, including, as required for high-quality manufacturing of the above-mentioned vessels, ensuring the interaction of the most experienced specialists in welding and heat treatment of iron-nickel alloys, chromium-molybdenum steels, performing welding operations, expanding of pipes to the full thickness of tube sheet and performing heat resistant lining.


We offer services related to project bundling.

Equipment for Acetylene Plant

We offer burners for the production of acetylene.

Equipment for Ammonia Nitrate Plant

Development and supply of technological equipment АS-67, АS-72, АS-72М.

Equipment for Methanol Plant

Development and supply of a reactor, burner for a shaft reactor and coils.

Equipment for Acetic Acid

Development and supply of reactor and distillation equipment.

GTU-8 for Nitric Acid Production Plants UKL-7

The GTU-8 installation is installed on UKL-7 units.

Equipment on Customer’s Request

Search and delivery of equipment on request.

Process Equipment Designing

A wide range of design and 3D modeling services.