In 2002 according to the technical design assignment and financing of ALVIGO Group of Companies, at JSC Engineering and production enterprise Energia (Krivoy Rog) the design documentation was developed, and in 2004 the first gas turbine unit GTU-8 was built- a new generation unit, using the latest achievements in the fields of turbine construction, electronics and metal fabrication. After carrying out bench tests in 2005, the first such gas turbine unit was supplied and put into operation at JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot, Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol territory, RF.

The new GTU-8 gas turbine unit is installed on UKL-7 units, equipped with low-temperature selective catalytic tail gas treatment under pressure. Within the unit:

  • one-stage air compression is realized;
  • the latest achievements in the field of turbo compressor construction are used;
  • the latest achievements in the field of electronics are used in providing management and regulation;
  • the most modern heat-resistant steels are used.

The implementation of the above mentioned factors allows to:

  1. Significantly reduce the metal capacity of the unit while maintaining productivity commensurate with the performance of GTT-3M ( weight of GTU-8 is only 12 tons.)
  2. Significantly reduce the consumption of natural gas, electricity and recycled water.
  3. To carry out control and regulation in an automatic mode with absolutely minimal maintenance personnel intervention while ensuring full implementation of control algorithms.
  4. Expand the range of safe unit operation in the temperature range, with a significant increase in service life.

The operational experience of GTU-8 shows that the unit is reliable in operation, does not require human intervention, is technically and environmentally safe, and has a permit for use in explosive industries.


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