State Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Products (GIAP) history starts from 1931 when State Research Institute of Nitrogen (GIA) (based on basic chemistry laboratory of the Institute of Applied Mineralogy) and in May 1932 Engineering Company for Design of Nitrogen-Based Plants (GIPROAzot) were established. Later in 1943 by amalgamation of these two companies present JSC GIAP was established.

At present JSC GIAP operates in the field of development/design of technologies and equipment of ammonia, methanol and acetylene from natural gas, hydrogen, various synthesis gases, nitric acid, nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam, adipic acid and other dicarboxylic acids production. It also deals with specific issues related to reliability, durability, efficiency and equipment operation safety of companies operating in nitrogen industry. GIAP provides the full range of engineering services: technical review, plan development for plant revamp, design and supply of equipment, industrial safety expert review, project documentation development, development of safety declarations and emergency localization plans.

JSC GIAP provides the range of services for non-destructive and destructive physical-chemical, mechanical and hydrodynamic cleaning of operating and dismounted equipment of nitric acid, hydrocyanic acid and hydroxylamine sulfate plants to remove sludge containing precious metals. To carry out Process Equipment Cleaning services JSC GIAP designed and built unique mobile production complexes (MPC).

JSC GIAP permanent partners and customers are such large industrial holding groups as PJSC Acron, Eurochim, Uralchim, Fosagro, Achema, Neochim and others.

JSC GIAP has in hand all necessary certificates authorizing development of design documentation influencing the safety of capital construction projects, in particular, for especially hazardous, technically complex and unique projects. Quality of the works meets the ISO 9001 requirements and is confirmed by an appropriate certificate.

Having highly qualified specialists, using their wide experience and knowledge as well as Institute potential of information, JSC GIAP is willing to solve any design tasks from selection of construction site through commissioning and achievement of operating design conditions.


Establishing of State Research Institute of Nitrogen (GIA) based on basic chemistry laboratory of the Institute of Applied Mineralogy.

Establishing of State Institute for designing of new nitrogen fertilizer complexes (GIPROAzot.)

Establishing of State Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Products (GIAP) by amalgamation of Research and Design Organization of State Nitrogen Institute (GIA) and Engineering Company for design of Nitrogen-Based Plants GIPROAzot. Later its pilot plant has been established.

Date of branches establishing, specialized at solution to definite problems of nitrogen industry, as well as regional issues. Establishing of Lysychansk branch (later it was renamed Severodonetsk branch) and its pilot plant.

Establishing of Dzerzhinsk branch and its pilot plant.

Establishing of Dneprodzerzhinsk branch and its pilot plant.

Establishing of Kemerovo branch.

Establishing of Novomoskovsk branch and its pilot plant.

Establishing of Chirchiq branch.

Establishing of Grodno branch.

Establishing of Togliatti branch.

GIAP was awarded an Order of the Red Banner of Labour.

All branches became independent research establishments of Russia and CIS countries.

Transformation of central institute into joint stock company GIAP.

JSC GIAP implemented the integrated management system (with regard to preparation of Design Documentation, influencing the safety of capital construction projects), conforming to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements.