Limited Company “Scientific & Technical Center “Alvigo” (STC Alvigo) was established in June 2002 in Kiev, Ukraine. STC Alvigo, Ltd. has gathered a team of experienced engineers, representatives of the best enterprises, research and design organizations of Ukraine who feel great security on the market of research and engineering services for chemical enterprises.

The most important achievement of STC Alvigo is the creation of the gas turbine unit of new generation GTU-8.

From after 2002 by order and with financial support of Alvigo Company it has been elaborated the scientific/technical & design documentation for revamping of weak nitric acid plants UKL-7 with replacement of worn-out and outdated gas turbine unit GTT-3M with advanced GTU-8 unit. Documentation developed according to the state-of-the-art requirements for turbine manufacturing. The first GTU-8 was manufactured in 2004. After bench tests in 2005 this gas-turbine unit was supplied and put into operation at JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot, Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory, RF.

At present six gas-turbine units GTU-8 are in operation. They have been manufactured as part of revamping projects for nitric acid plants. Two fist gas turbine units of new generation GTU-8 have been produced by JSC Energy (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine) and they are in operation at JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot from 2004 and 2011 accordingly.

Since 2010 under license agreement with STC Alvigo Company Nevinnomyssk – Remstroyservice LLC (NevRSS, LLC Nevinnomyssk city) deals with serial production, maintenance and repair of operating GTU-8. GTU-8 units, manufactured by NevRSS LLC, are in operation at JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot and JSC Novomoskovsk Azot.

GTU-8 operation experience shows that usage of new gas turbine unit instead of GTT-3N significantly improves nitric acid plants operational efficiency and its economic performance is technically and ecologically safe, certified for use in explosion-hazardous plants.