At present time for reliable and safe operation of hazardous production facilities, the solution of problems of reliability, durability and industrial safety of production equipment is of great importance, which, in turn, is associated with a competent assessment of:

  • operating parameters, i.e. process flow status with the aim of optimizing it;
  • parameters of equipment technical condition by comparing their actual values with limit values to determine the need for maintenance and repair;
  • work specifics of the bulk of nitrogen industry enterprises technical devices on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To solve the problems of industrial safety expert review of technical devices and technical documentation, ALVIGO Group of Companies has a scientific and technical center (STC), the tasks of which are expert activities in the field of industrial safety of fertilizer manufacturing and related chemical industry fields. STC, as an expert organization, specializes in the field of metal science, strength of materials and structures, welding, corrosion protection, includes certified laboratory of non-destructive testing, performing technical diagnostic works in order to determine the actual technical condition of the equipment. The Scientific and Technical Center carried out the following types of works on the industrial safety expert review of:

  • design documentation of hazardous production facilities;
  • technical devices at hazardous production facilities;
  • industrial safety declarations;
  • other documents related to the operations of hazardous production facilities.

Assessment of the technical condition and residual life of safe operation is performed for various purposes equipment, including high-pressure vessels and apparatus, pipelines and steam pipelines, dynamic equipment and other types of equipment. During expert examination of the technical condition and the prediction of equipment residual life, our specialists apply modern methods and means of non-destructive testing: acoustic emission, thermal imaging, ultrasonic, magnetic (including the method of magnetic memory of metal), capillary, as well as, destructive and non-destructive methods for determining mechanical properties, metallographic and corrosion research of metals. Based on the results of the survey, calculations are made for the strength and stability of technical devices, taking into account operating conditions and operating loads, as well as possible changes in the mechanical properties of materials during operation, with a subsequent residual life forecast.

• ALVIGO Group of Companies has carried out industrial safety expert review of more than a thousand eight hundred technical devices, including ammonia synthesis equipment operating at high temperatures and pressures, reformers, isothermal storage facilities, gas holders and tanks, cryogenic equipment, and much more at the nitrogen industry enterprises and chemical enterprises related fields. Our long standing partners and customers are: JSC Acron, Velikiy Novgorod; JSC Dorogobuzh, Verhnedneprovskoye settelement, Smolensk region; JSC NAK Azot and LLC Novomoskovskiy Khlor, Novomoskovsk; JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot, Nevinnomyssk; JSC Voskresensk mineral fertilizers, Voskresensk; JSC Azot, Berezniki; JSC Mineral Fertilizer Plant of Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works, Kirovo-Chepetsk; JSC Cherepovets Azot, Cherepovets; JSC Schekinoazot, Schekino; JSC Mineral fertilizers, Rossosh; JSC Salavatnefteorgsintez, Salavat, which are well aware that the safe operation of hazardous industrial facilities at enterprises is related to the efficient and reliable operation of functioning devices. Recent trends in the field of industrial safety review:

    expert review of the technical condition of large-tonnage units in order to increase the time between overhauls. At the present time, as a result of this work, the ammonia and urea production units of OJCS Acron, JCS Novomoskovsk Azot and JCS Nevinnomyssky Azot are successfully operated with between overhauls cycle, increased to 2 to 3 years, which allows to accumulate experience and information for future research;
  • obtaining permission for the use of technical devices at hazardous production facilities for the chemical, petrochemical and related industry fields, including packaged technical devices, which significantly expands the opportunities for industrial enterprises to participate in international cooperation.

In particular, with the direct participation of ALVIGO Group specialists in 2010, the permission was received for use of the unit of project “Expanding urea production with an increase in capacity to 1150 tpd based on the displaced unit from Serbia” (Urea-4).

Responsible person for cooperation:

Arkadiy Merkulov
Commercial Director of Russia and CIS countries
+7 495 916 6773
+7 495 916 6810