The mission of ALVIGO Group of Companies is to promote the development of chemical industry by using advanced technologies. The most important priority for ALVIGO is preservation of favourable conditions of environment, for this reason all our efforts are focused on development of technological solutions with minimal environmental impact.


ALVIGO Group of Companies strives to become a global organization offering a full scope of design works and engineering services, including project management services for creating new chemical plants and revamping existing ones.

Our objectives

At all times our task is to find the innovative, best possible solution for each of our Partners. All enterprises of Group operate efficiently as one team in order to provide a full spectrum of solutions in the field of design and equipment supply for chemical industry plants. Keeping abreast of the times, ALVIGO Group of Companies is continuously developing new solutions, reliability, invulnerability and security of which have been corroborated by many years’ experience of design institutes being a part of ALVIGO.
We accept only the highest standards and we are never satisfied with what has already been achieved – this is the only way to reach perfection.