Incorporating separate industrial institutes, ALVIGO Group of Companies is a highly professional engineering holding. The individual companies included in Holding have rich experience and production resources for performing the most sophisticated and comprehensive projects. Services proposed to a potential Client cover all investment process stages from the earliest ones to start-up and bringing the plants to design operating conditions.

ALVIGO Group of Companies has a uniform technology development and design engineering management system as well as a uniform financial management system.

Human Resources

Engineering capacity is more than 700,000 engineering hours per year


Wide experience of companies in chemical industry

Time Schedule

Thorough planning and work schedule control


Personnel qualification and practical experience enables to perform the most sophisticated projects


The company has all necessary permits and licenses to fulfill a full scope of process & engineering works in chemical and petrochemical industries at the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus which significantly reduces loss of time for organization

Cooperation with Foreign Companies

Stable scientific & technical and commercial relations with foreign companies