Declaration (petition) of Intent is the initial stage of the investment project and starts with the formation of the investment plan. On the basis of the necessary study and analysis of the sources of funding, conditions and means to achieve this goal using maximum possible data base by Customer (investor), ALVIGO Group evaluates the opportunities of investment and achievement of the planned technical and economic indicators. Declaration of intent is the main document on the basis of which local governments and public authorities make decisions in early stages of investment project preparation. On the basis of the Declaration these authorities may establish requirements and conditions that must be taken into account when developing pre-design and design documentation (e.g. territorial environmental authorities may impose requirements for the use of natural resources and environmental protection conditions).

Pre-design Services

Pre-design works ensures the success of the future investment project.

Concepts Development

The vast experience and production resources of our company allow the implementation of the most complex and extensive projects./ivan_image_block]

Investment project

Using our accumulated long-term experience, we offer various options for project development.

Feasibility Study and Justification of Investment

We carries out feasibility study for each project, in view of our Customers’ requirements and on the basis of the data customers provide.