ALVIGO Group has extensive practical experience of work with catalyst of both domestic and foreign manufactures. We provide a full range of engineering and consulting services of technological character in the existing and being constructed plants of nitrogen industry, especially in the production of ammonia and methanol.

  • Catalyst loading

Depending on design features of reactor, certain methods of loading are used, at that, the most important is to comply with the rule – to ensure uniform catalyst density over the whole reactor.

  • New catalyst activation

During new catalyst activation the primary goal is to create active sites on the catalyst surface, providing maximum concentration of desired reaction product at reactor outlet.

  • Activity restoration of operated catalyst

During the process, depending on operating conditions, catalysts lose their activity. Specialists of ALVIGO GC have developed a number of measures to partially restore catalyst activity, allowing extending its lifespan.

  • Catalyst unloading

In course of time catalysts lose their activity to accelerate chemical reactions for which they are intended, but they retain pyrophoric activity in varying degrees. Catalysts, having weak pyrophoric reaction, do not require additional chemical treatment and after reactor shutdown and cooling, they are unloaded by vacuuming and big bag packing. For catalysts having average pyrophoric activity, weak controlled passivation according to our company’s patented method is carried out, after which unloading is performed.

Also, at the Customer’s request, passivation and unloading of active catalyst in nitrogen atmosphere is carried out. The work is performed by specially trained professionals, authorized to work in closed containers and vessels in isolating gas masks. Active catalyst is unloaded at special site where its passivation is performed.

  • Catalyst recycling

At the end of their lifespan catalysts become hazardous waste that must be sent for recycling or disposal. Catalysts that contain copper, zinc, nickel, and PGM, necessarily arrive for recycling for metals recovery. This group of catalysts includes catalysts of reforming, hydrogenation, methanation, isomerization, methanol synthesis and tail gas treatment. Organization of recycling and disposal of spent catalysts is carried out at certified recycling plants with the assistance of qualified inspection companies.

Activities and control procedures developed during the years of work on catalysts allow achieving the best results.

Responsible person for cooperation:

Sergei Fomenko
Chief Specialist of Ammonia Technology in STC Alvigo, Ltd.
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Technological work in existing and under construction ammonia, methanol, urea and other nitrogen industry.

Process Equipment Cleaning

We provide cleaning services for heat exchange equipment.