ALVIGO Group of Companies has skills and experience for process and technologies, used in chemical industry. During implementation of projects for new plants construction, as well as revamping and upgrading of operating plants ALVIGO Group of Company provides non-patent license for Process and Know-How, develops Basic Design, supplies integrated licensed equipment, performs personnel training, technical support of detailed design, designer supervision of the construction, mechanical and process start-up and guarantee tests.

The software, available in our companies, both proprietary and purchased, databases of physical and chemical properties of substances and their mixtures, their long term actual service allow us to confidently analyze and develop various processes and perform plants engineering/designing.

When implementation of projects for new plants construction ALVIGO Group of Companies suggests the full range of services:

  • pre-contractual studies;
  • technology licensing;
  • project documentation development;
  • State expert review support;
  • development of detail design documentation;
  • equipment supply;
  • operational documentation development;
  • designer supervision;
  • supervising installation;
  • commissioning works.

Responsible person for cooperation:

Arkadiy Merkulov
Commercial Director of Russia and CIS countries
+7 495 916 6773
+7 495 916 6810


We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.


We offer advanced acetylene technology.


Methanol is a traditional subject of the ALVIGO GC.

Nitric acid

We offer 2 variants of the technological scheme for the synthesis of non-concentrated HNO3.

Acetic acid

We offer advanced technology for the production of acetic acid by carbonylation of methanol with carbon monoxide.

Adipic acid

We have significantly changed the schemes for obtaining adipic acid, which allowed us to raise the technical level of production.