ALVIGO Group of Companies has research achievements based on which the world’s largest and most advanced nitrogen industry has been developed. Advanced technologies for ammonia production with a specific energy consumption of 6.64 Gcal per NH3 ton have been developed. Also the technical solutions for plant upgrading have been developed to increase the capacity of large ammonia units to 1.800 tpd. The projects for upgrading of ammonia and methanol converter, CO converters of first and second stage, reformer mixers, etc have been developed.

At present the company is realizing under ammonia production technology:

  • upgrading of operating ammonia plants;
  • conversion of surplus ammonia plants in methanol plant;
  • development of integrated plants: ammonia-methanol, ammonia-hydrogen and others;
  • development of ammonia plants based on latest achievement of technology for replacement of operating plants.

During development of advanced technologies, the software for chemical technologies process simulation is of greater importance. GIAP has elaborated the software tools for process calculation in catalytic reactors, since ammonia production is largely based on catalytic processes, and its further development is associated with progress in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. One of the developments is the program for steam conversion of natural gas calculating using two-dimensional model of the catalyst layer, which makes possible to:

  • predict the received gas composition at reactor outlet with catalyst of different forms and dimensions;
  • determine the reformer capacity;
  • determine the degree of use and resource of further catalyst work;
  • calculate the optimal volume of catalyst according to required plant capacity and considering possible catalyst age;
  • calculate the radial and axial temperatures, concentrations, flow rate distribution and so on.


We have the knowledge and experience in production processes and technologies.

Natural Gas Conversion for Ammonia Production (‘Tandem’)

ALVIGO GC is the licensor of the Tandem technology.

Synthesis Gas Drying

We propose the introduction of drying of synthesis gas before entering the synthesis column.

Liquid Ammonia Storage

We offer the service of integrated design of warehouses for the storage of liquid ammonia.

Radial-Type Reactors

We have developed a reactor design for carrying out heterogeneous catalytic reactions.