ALVIGO Group of Companies suggests the service for integrated design of liquid ammonia storage using different ways:

  • in tanks under excess pressure to 2.0 MPa including, without ammonia discharge. The working pressure in tank is taken based on maximum ambient temperature considering solar radiation, availability of thermal isolation and protective structures;
  • in tanks under excess pressure to 1.0 MPa including, with ammonia discharge, evaporating from heat penetration, with its output to consumer or compressing of evaporated ammonia followed by condensation and its return to tank;
  • in isothermal tanks under atmospheric pressure, with evaporated ammonia discharge, compressing, condensation and returning back to tank or release to consumer (isothermal way of storage).

Location of storages can be either on territory of Customer site or on the territory of terminal for shipment of liquid ammonia by marine transport.


We have the knowledge and experience in production processes and technologies.


We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.

Synthesis Gas Drying

We propose the introduction of drying of synthesis gas before entering the synthesis column.

Natural Gas Conversion for Ammonia Production (‘Tandem’)

ALVIGO GC is the licensor of the Tandem technology.

Radial-Type Reactors

We have developed a reactor design for carrying out heterogeneous catalytic reactions.