The designing of new methanol plants, as well as revamping of existing ones, is the traditional subject of ALVIGO Group of Companies for more than 60 years already. The Company has the proprietary technologies for methanol plant, the extensive experience of development, estimation and engineering of methanol synthesis process, development experience for mathematic simulation software packages and the equipment development for process effective implementation.

Depending on Customer’s requirements, availability of energy resources and construction site conditions, ALVIGO Group of Companies suggests different options for gas conditioning technologies and methanol synthesis. Methanol plants, developed by our Company, are characterized by high level of energy efficiency, low consumption figures and maximum degree of integration with other production facilities at Customer’s construction site.

We suggest technological schemes of methanol synthesis under pressure of 50-100atm with different reactors types:

  • reactor with cold by-pass;
  • reactors cascade allowing to work without circulation;
  • combination of flow type reactor and circulating reactor;
  • tubular type reactors.

Methanol synthesis with using different feedstock:

  • natural gas, associated gas;
  • coke gas, syngas from acetylene plant;
  • syngas received by gasification of coal, biomass, domestic and industrial waste;
  • tail gas and off gas from other units located at Customer’s industrial site.

Co-production processes:

  • acetylene and methanol;
  • methanol and acetic acid;
  • methanol and ammonia.

Integrated schemes of natural gas processing with receiving end products with high value added:

  • natural gas-acetylene-methanol – formaldehyde – 1,4-butandiol;
  • natural gas-acetylene-methanol – acetic acid – vinyl acetate.


We have the knowledge and experience in production processes and technologies.


We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.


We offer advanced acetylene technology.

Nitric acid

We offer 2 variants of the technological scheme for the synthesis of non-concentrated HNO3.

Acetic acid

We offer advanced technology for the production of acetic acid by carbonylation of methanol with carbon monoxide.

Adipic acid

We have significantly changed the schemes for obtaining adipic acid, which allowed us to raise the technical level of production.