ALVIGO Group of Companies is ‘Tandem’ technology licenser. Under ‘Tandem’ technology three plants have been built: 1989 year in Belarus, JSC GrodnoAzot, integrated methanol and hydrogen plant; 2000 year in China, Hinyang Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, syngas plant for ammonia synthesis; 2009 year in China, Gansu Liuhua (Group) Co., Ltd., syngas plant for ammonia synthesis.

“Tandem” system consists of two main vessels: tubular reactor and secondary reforming reactor, interconnected by two pipelines. Besides the heat recovery system of outgoing streams and preliminary heating of inlet streams is available. This system can be integrated into ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production line. ‘Tandem’ system allows receiving the converted gas, suitable for production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, higher alcohols and SLF.

The advantages of ‘Tandem’ technology:

  • relatively low-cost equipment: the cost of overall system almost two times less, than the cost of usual reforming system;
  • possibility of delivery of almost fully shop-assembled equipment;
  • transportability;
  • short period of installation;
  • high reliability of tubes operates at pressure drop on the wall not more than 1-3 at;
  • absence of atmospheric emission of pollutants;
  • more preferable thermodynamics allows reducing natural gas consumption to 695-740 Nm3/t of ammonia.

Options of ‘Tandem’ technology using:

  1. reformer unit for hydrocarbon gas for hydrogen, ammonia, methanol plants;
  2. upgrading of operating ammonia plants in order to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy cost, for example reformer unit revamping with installation of parallel tubular-type reactor for ammonia capacity increasing to 1700 tpd;
  3. combined reforming for ammonia plant with capacity 2600 tpd.


We have the knowledge and experience in production processes and technologies.


We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.

Synthesis Gas Drying

We propose the introduction of drying of synthesis gas before entering the synthesis column.

Liquid Ammonia Storage

We offer the service of integrated design of warehouses for the storage of liquid ammonia.

Radial-Type Reactors

We have developed a reactor design for carrying out heterogeneous catalytic reactions.