ALVIGO Group of Companies suggests two options of process scheme for new unit of non-concentrated nitric acid production with daily capacity of 1320 t of HNO3 monohydrate. Both options have the same capacity and are based on using process equipment of home manufacture, except for complex machine assembly (hereinafter – CMA).

First Option suggests nitric acid production according to so called “Energy-Technology” scheme with using of natural gas; this scheme applied in plants with annual capacity 120 kilotons of monohydrate HNO3 (UKL-7) and in large capacity units with annual capacity 360 — 380 ktpy (AK-72). At present such technological scheme is typical for all large plants of non-concentrated nitric acid production in Russia.

Second Option suggests nitric acid production according to technological scheme without natural gas using. Under such process the majority of large capacity plants operate in Europe and other world countries. In such plants the energy for compression of air and nitrous gases is obtained only based on nitrous gas heat recovery, that is own process heat.

Both options differ by process schemes of production and associated differences for range of process equipment positions, including CMA and heat exchanging equipment for heat recovery of hot nitrous gas, obtained during ammonia conversion.


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The invention relates to the production of nitric acid.