ALVIGO Group of Company developed structure of reactor for carrying out heterogeneous catalytic reaction. The main distinctive feature of such reaction is installation of additional punched headers along the perimeter of gas-feed wall along the full length inside of each catalyst basket.

Such structure of radial reactors, with regard to ammonia converter, is suitable for revamping of any operating axial and radial vessels.

Revamping of ammonia synthesis reactors allows reducing energy consumption of unit not less than for 0.3 Gcal per ton of product that is equal to economy of 16.74 mln. m3 of natural gas in year per one unit. At average radial reactors are characterized by 25-30% less costs of metals and catalysts and 4-10 times less hydraulic resistance compare with similar axial vessels.

The following advantages are indicated as a result of revamping:

  • reduction of catalyst volume and operating costs for catalyst;
  • reduction of catalyst dust hazardous emissions quantity into environmental;
  • reduction of time and manpower effort for catalyst loading/unloading;
  • reduction of time and cost for screening, reactivation and passivation of catalyst.


We have the knowledge and experience in production processes and technologies.


We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.

Natural Gas Conversion for Ammonia Production ('Tandem')

ALVIGO GC is the licensor of the Tandem technology.

Liquid Ammonia Storage

We offer the service of integrated design of warehouses for the storage of liquid ammonia.

Synthesis Gas Drying

We propose the introduction of drying of synthesis gas before entering the synthesis column.