For reduction of energy cost per ton of output, as well as to increase the capacity of operating ammonia plants, it is suggested to implement synthesis gas drying unit at the inlet of converter. Such engineering solution is aimed to reduce the H2O и CO2 concentrations, which are reversible catalyst poisons for iron catalyst, used in ammonia converter, leading to its activity reduction, and hence to reduce the ammonia production and additional consumption of steam in turbine due to increased synthesis gas circulation.

The advantages of this technology:

  • usability;
  • lower CAPEX and OPEX;
  • reaching the depth of synthesis gas drying to 0 ppm;
  • reducing ammonia concentration at converter inlet;
  • reduce specific consumption for production of ammonia product and/or allows increasing its production.

Plant revamping allows:

  • reducing liquid ammonia consumption for cooling and condensation of ammonia in unit of secondary condensation;
  • reducing circulation rates to the values ensuring normal functioning of the ammonia loop equipment and allowable hydraulic resistance across the loop;
  • reducing ammonia concentration at the converter inlet;
  • reducing concentration of water and other oxygen-containing impurities at the converter inlet to ensure stable operation, enhance catalyst activity and prolong its service life;
  • reducing pressure drop across circulating loop;
  • reducing natural gas consumption.


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We have developed promising technologies for the production of ammonia.

Natural Gas Conversion for Ammonia Production ('Tandem')

ALVIGO GC is the licensor of the Tandem technology.

Liquid Ammonia Storage

We offer the service of integrated design of warehouses for the storage of liquid ammonia.

Radial-Type Reactors

We have developed a reactor design for carrying out heterogeneous catalytic reactions.