ALVIGO Group of Companies suggests advanced technology for acetic acid production by methanol carbonylation with carbon monoxide. Process parameters, equipment/instrumentation implementation and automation system have been developed considering modern requirements of energy efficiency and process safety. Such technology is highly competitive with world analogues.

This method is highly effective thanks to variety of advantages:

  • the using of methanol which is a cheap and available raw material;
  • high degree processing of methanol to acetic acid (near to 100%);
  • effective usage of synthesis heat for evaporation of raw acetic acid before supply to distillation, that also allows complete removal of heat reaction from reactor;
  • not-to-high energy requirements for process;
  • high quality of finished product;
  • high degree of automation;
  • high safety degree.

Flexibility, safety and operational reliability are criteria of stability of production. Process flexibility is provided by possibility of plant stable operation in range of 75-110%. Plant safety is based on modern safety requirements. Production reliability is achieved by using the technical solutions and processes, verified in industrial conditions.

The method of carbon monoxide obtaining (raw material for acetic acid) from synthesis gas is based on processes widely used in industry:

  • purification of synthesis gas from carbon dioxide by absorption solution of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA);
  • cryogenic separation of mixtures (H2 + CO) with evolution of CO.

Consumption of main raw material per 1 ton of acetic acid

Raw material Units Consumption per 1 ton of acetic acid
Methanol (100%) kg 565
Carbon monoxide (min. 98%) kgг 558

Quality of finished product

Acetic acid % wt 99.85 (min.)
Water % wt 0.15 (max.)
Formic acid % wt 0.05 (max.)
Acetaldehyde % wt 0.05 (max.)
Iron ррm (wt) 1.0 (max.)
Heavy metals ррm (wt) 0.45 (max.)
Propionic acid ррm (wt) 100 (max.)
Iodides (I+ МеI) ррm (wt) 0.04 (max.)
Permanganate sample hour 2 (min.)
Color (platinum-cobalt unit) 10 (max.)

Automated control system and plant process control within the prescribed limits is provided for process control of acetic acid plant, safety measures of operating personnel, assurance of safe operation for process equipment and environmental safety during acetic acid production process.